We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

An Swinnen

Managing Director

An has a degree in education and is a qualified psychotherapist. She is an award-winning businesswoman and the author of “The Business Survival Guide (Because It’s A Jungle Out There)”, “Brain Based Stress Management” and “The Mental Health Survival Guide (Because It’s A Jungle Out There)”.

Ken Goodier

Senior Management Trainer

Ken has worked in the healthcare industry (e.g. Bayer, Bioglan Pharma, Myers Squibb) and oil and gas (Saudi Aramco and KPC) for many years. Ken specialises in management development, strategic planning, leadership skills and change management.

Mia van der Heijden

Business Trainer

Mia has a degree in nursing and worked in the healthcare industry in the beginning of her career. She has lived in the Netherlands, Germany, Canada, China and Kuwait where she has worked in sales and education. Mia specialises in cross-cultural communication, leadership and team building.

David Wilson

Communication Specialist

David is a qualified teacher who has a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. He speaks six languages and is a qualified translator. David also has an Honours diploma in freelance and features writing. David specialises in writing skills, speed reading and intercultural communication.

Myriam O’Carroll

Media Specialist

Myriam was head of strategic partnerships for CNN International and European communications senior project manager for Accenture. Myriam has worked in media (BBC, CNN) and specialises in marketing, sales, communication, leadership and business development.

David Dyer

Business and Management Trainer

David has worked as an operations excellence consultant for large process industries such as oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, paper, iron and steel. David specialises in operation improvement, change management and employee development.

Sue Dadswell

Business and Management Trainer

Sue was a senior management consultant at The Industrial Society in Westminster. She specialises in performance management, communication skills, coaching and mentoring. Sue has delivered training for the healthcare, pharmaceutical, transport and public sectors such as The Home Office, The Cabinet Office, HMRC and many Ministries in London.

Richard Beale

Business and Management Trainer

Richard was the national sales and marketing manager of the Systemedia Division at NCR in New Zealand and the programme manager of the Management Extension Programme in Devon and Cornwall. He also worked in the education sector as principal of Torquay International School and director of studies at Torquay International School and Devon School of English. Richard specialises in business skills, writing skills and management skills.

Melika Clason

Mental Health Trainer

Melika is a solution focused psychotherapist and has worked in education as a tutor and in the social services sector as a counsellor and mental health support worker for 23 years.

Andy Kings

Mental Health and Security Specialist

Andy is a solution focused psychotherapist and has worked in law enforcement for 36 years as a detective sergeant and safeguarding officer in Greater Manchester and Devon.

Jackie Kings

Mental Health and Management Trainer

Jackie is a solution focused psychotherapist and worked as a police sergeant in Greater Manchester. She has also worked for the Torbay and Plymouth local authorities in a strategic leadership role assuring service delivery and community development.

Jon Neal

Mental Health and Technical Specialist

Jon is a solution focused psychotherapist and former IT technical consultant, manager and European business developer working for large companies such as Nortel Networks and CSC.

Sarah Smith

Mental Health and Sales Trainer

Sarah is a solution focused psychotherapist and has worked as modality manager on cell imaging technologies at GE Healthcare Life Sciences for 18 years. She trained the European sales teams on how to deliver presentations to pharmaceutical industry scientists.

Yve Webster

Mental Health and Community Specialist

Yve is a solution focused psychotherapist and has worked in the social services sector as a family support worker for 10 years.

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